Attending live MLM events can have unexpected benefits. You can learn from others in attendance.

Attending live MLM events can have unexpected benefits. You can learn from others in attendance. Photo: Damien Bresson –

The most important lesson I learned about network marketing came when I was not even a distributor. I was a sales executive for a company that provided customized voicemail services to network marketing companies. Voicemail was such a new technology back then, that hardly anyone knew what it was or what it could do to revolutionize communications within a distributor’s organization.

At the time of this great lesson I had been flown to attend the convention of the largest and oldest, MLM company in the country. Onstage, I roused 80,000+ distributors to take action and sign up for voicemail. Then, from our Read the rest of this entry

Most website visitors admit to scanning content rather than reading it. Good writers know the tricks to capture attention.

Most website visitors admit to scanning content rather than reading it. Good writers know the tricks to capture attention.

All marketers know that the best content in the world does you no good if no one ever sees it. So marketers focus much effort in driving traffic to a websites. I have learned that it is just as important to keep visitors involved and engaged with your content so they will remain on your site longer and explore your offerings.

Researching this topic has truly opened my eyes to how important it is to pay attention to text formatting, as well as creating the layout to include visual elements. See more in a previous post here. I was astounded to learn the significance that font size and style can play to influence a website visitor. More about that in “Is Your Blog Pretty Or Readable?”

My research brought up some surprising elements that I had never thought about before, such as “deep captions.”

1. Catch A Visitor’s Eye with Deep Captions

Deep captions are some of the most read content on a webpage, and worth the effort. Deep captions are two to three sentences long and are displayed on images that you use in your article or blog. Read the rest of this entry

Webpage readability is critical

Webpage readability is critical
Image courtesy of patrisyu /

Writers want visitors to come to their article or blog post, and find enough value to come back another time. By “people” I mean someone other than your mother or the folks in your blog syndicate group.

Last week I took a look at factors such as the use of white space, bullet lists and sub headers, along with text formatting and aligning as elements that can be used to catch a visitor and reel him in. As I continued to research this topic, I have found that it is a tricky business.  Read the rest of this entry

Make Blog Content Easier To Read

Make Blog Content Easier To Read

I researched this article because I want to improve how long a visitor stays on my webpage reading my content. Obviously, if you want people to read your content, you must make what you write easy to find, and easy to read. Today I want to highlight some very easy things you can do to make it easier for people to read your content and stay on your page longer.

We need to remember that people have come in search of information, and if they don’t see any sign of it as they scan your page, they will click away. Your goal as you write your blog post is to take a few steps to keep them on your page longer.

I made a video to illustrate these tips for you.

1. Assume Your Visitors Will Scan Rather Than Read Your Content

 Studies by the Nielsen Norman Group, among others, have shown that website visitors “prefer to scan rather than read, want text to be short and to the point, and detest overly hyped promotional writing (“marketese”).

That’s good news because it tells us what we have to do to keep a visitor engaged. We just have to write our content in a way that is easily scanned. We can do that if we adopt the Read the rest of this entry


Great customer service is essential in Internet Marketing. Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Discovering a good home-business program and making a few sales is only the tip of the internet marketing iceberg. Find out how to add to your customer base and inspire confidence and loyalty for your products with the effective tips below. In this post I am using the word “customer” to include everyone in your organization, whether retail or wholesale.

You would think that good customer service would be top priority for any business, but I can assure you, it is not. Too often, getting the sale is paramount, and making sure that customers are happy and loyal is replaced with the motivation to just get another sale. However, statistics show that good customer service is imperative.

The White House Office Of Consumer Affairs  notes that it can cost 6 to 7 times more to obtain a new customer than to retain a current customer. So good customer service can save money. (

An article in “Return On Behavior” magazine found that “70% of buying experiences are Read the rest of this entry

Is your online site mobile ready?

I’m not asking if the site is “optimized” for mobile devices. An optimized internet site page is made in particular for visitors who are using a mobile unit to browse and work with the page. 

The page will display in a different way than the standard web page.  Take a look at this side-by-side comparison from Signal Inc.


An internet site that is thought of as “mobile ready” should display its pages the same way as the standard webpages. And that is what needs to be checked.

With the same carefulness that you would examine how pages look in different web browsers, you also should take a look to see how your pages look on different mobile devices.

It is more crucial than it has ever been to recognize the importance of site visitors who use mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. Their numbers are Read the rest of this entry

CommentLuv Plugin

CommentLuv is a must-have plugin for bloggers.

Every blogger wants visitors who leave comments because “engagement” is a primary attribute that can get good search engine results for a blog site. If the commenter also “shares” your blog that is even better.  CommentLuv is a great plugin that can accomplish this and more. The plugin is easy to install on any self-hosted WordPress blog.

This super popular plugin can increase comments by rewarding commenters. CommentLuv gives any reader an extra incentive to make a comment by automatically adding a link at the end of their comment to one of the commenter’s own posts.

The plugin uses the post title in the link as anchor text. So if the keywords are in the commenter’s post title, the commenter can get a boost in the search engine results for those keywords. Best of all, it can be a “deep” link that points directly to a specific post, rather than just the home page.

Some prospective users of this plugin have expressed the fear that its use would encourage spammers. Since I moderate all comments, and use a good anti-spam plugin, I have not had this problem. It is important to note that Read the rest of this entry

The Vital Ingredient For Network Marketing Success

Close-up mid section of woman holding seedling

A distributor may wither or bloom depending on the network marketing help they may or may not receive.

We are always looking for network marketing help to be successful with our home based business ideas. Today I spent some time outside, harvesting seeds from my morning glory plants. I realized I was thinking that this was the seed of a great network marketing success tip.  My mind was wrapped up in online business ideas.

Last year I tried to grow these flowers from seeds in the ground. But they only grew in one place in the yard. So this year I sprouted the seeds first, then planted in boxes that I hung on my back yard fence.

They grew but did not blossom. So I moved the box – twice. Then the third location worked. They gave me gorgeous, multicolored blooms. And that would be the end of it if I had not gotten the seeds to plant next year for new plants.

That is so much like the people we get into our MLM business who want network marketing success. Some will take off without much help needed from you. Most will need some help to sprout and blossom. And all of them will be better served if you can

Read the rest of this entry

Network Marketing Sucess RoadWhen you start in multi-level marketing, it can be overwhelming. After all, you’re really running two businesses. On the one hand, you are offering a product or service for sale. On the other hand, you are sponsoring others to sell the exact same item. Both areas deserve your complete attention, and here are some pointers to make certain you succeed with both.

Define Your Objectives

When beginning to work in network marketing, it is very important to define your objectives. At the beginning of the week, write down what you want to accomplish, so that at the end of the week, you can review and see how well you did.  Set reasonable “targets” that are achievable and measurable.

Get Serious

A big pointer for multi level marketers is to Read the rest of this entry

Facebook Marketing

Recently I did a bit of research in order to determine what needed to be done to increase my exposure on my Facebook fan page. I had been a bit startled to discover, from Facebook’s own statistics, that only a small portion of fans were seeing my posts. So I had to wonder if Facebook marketing was worth my time.

In fact, my research revealed that on average, only 16% of Facebook “fans” i.e. people who have given a “Like” to your fan page, would see your posts, unless they visit your fan page directly. This dismal fact is a result of a Facebook algorithm called Edgerank, which determines the importance and exposure of your post. The bad news, of course, is that only 4% ever return to your fan page once they have given it a like.

Fortunately, a new ranking system was revealed recently that will operate on a different algorithm and will hopefully allow fan page posts (and personal posts) to get more exposure. Facebook marketing is still a tool that has it’s place among Network Marketing tips.

What can be done to increase the number of people who actually do see your posts?

Engagement is the key 
There is a huge payoff for your engagement. Read the rest of this entry

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