Use WiseStamp to create email signatures that promote you.

Use WiseStamp to create email signatures that promote you.

WiseStamp is a great tool to easily create a good-looking signature for use with emails sent from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL. Once created, this signature can be added to outgoing emails with just a click.

Free Email Accounts Have Big Benefits

Many internet marketers use free email accounts for a variety of reasons. I like using Gmail because it is owned by Google and I want Google to like me and my stuff. Rather than using the email account at my website, I choose to use Gmail so I can also have Read the rest of this entry

A great headline can snag readers for your blog, article, video or social media posts. The problem is that most of us don’t know how to write great headlines.

Mastery will come with learning and practice. In the meantime I will share a great little website where you can enter a few phrases and churn out great headlines to use – for free!

Years ago I downloaded Maurice Smith’s Headline Generator and used it quite a bit. I did quite a bit of searching to see if it was still Read the rest of this entry

What Did You Learn From the ALS Video Challenge?

The ALS Video Challenge has generated more than $100 million in three months.

The ALS Video Challenge has generated more than $100 million in three months.

For the last three months (and hopefully longer), the internet has been full of short videos where folks pour ice cold water over themselves to draw attention to fund-raising for the ALS Association. ALS is short for, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.”

People made short videos as they poured iced water over themselves. Then they challenged others to do the same and to make a donation. The idea quickly went viral, and in three months this crazy idea raised over a 100 million dollars for the organization. And it’s not over yet.

As I succumbed and did my own video, I thought about how clever this was. So what can internet marketers learn from this imaginative use of video? Read the rest of this entry


Zemanta Editorial Assistant adds links to related articles and much more.

In my last blog post here, I introduced you to Zemanta Editorial Assistant, a WordPress plug-in that can help you put images and outgoing links into your posts. I explained what it does and how it can benefit your website. If you missed it, you can review it here, along with a demo video.

Once you have installed the Zemanta Editorial Assistant plug-in into your WordPress blog, you are set up to easily add valuable outgoing links to your articles. Other Zemanta users will notice you and start linking to your articles as well. Read the rest of this entry


Adding a “Related Articles” section to your blog can bring backlinks and traffic.

At the end of many good blog posts you will see an area called, “Related Articles,” or “Related Posts.” In that section, the blogger will have posted links to other blog website pages that have similar content. Each link will also have a thumbnail image and short description with it.

See the video demo below.

Adding a Related Articles section to a blog can benefit both the blogger and the author of the content to which it is linked. The author of the “related article” benefits from the backlink and possibility of traffic that can derive from it. The blogger benefits by creating more value for the reader, as well as creating an outgoing link to a reputable source. Read the rest of this entry

Call To Action

Leaving out a call to action can cost you money. Tell your viewers what you want them to do.

People who blog with text, or with video, for network marketing help, will often make the same mistake. They leave out the most essential part of the post – the call to action. Take some of the following suggestions so that you get more sales, sign ups and subscribers.

A good call to action is highly specific, and very relevant to your particular readers. It is a request that the viewer take a specific action, such as viewing a video, going to your squeeze page, or signing up for your newsletter.  You must perfect the art of creating a good call to action in order to generate more leads for your business.

Use Anchor Text

You can use anchor text for your call to action so that the viewer can accomplish what you want with just a click. If you can include one of your keywords in the anchor text, that is great.  Either way, just write exactly what you want the viewer to do and make the entire phrase a hyperlink. Read the rest of this entry

Facebook Debugger

Facebook Debugger can help you identify a host of errors. It helped me figure out why my blog posts were not displaying correctly when shared in Facebook.

It is frustrating when you write a great blog post, complete with the perfect images, and yet when it appears on Facebook, it looks terrible. Why didn’t Facebook bring in the appropriate image from your webpage? How can you explain to that nice person who shared your post on Facebook, that the wrong image came with it?

You can benefit from knowing about the Facebook Debugger tool. It is the best tool to use to see how any URL on your site will appear in Facebook. And it is very simple to use.

All you need do is enter the URL of your webpage into the field provided at the Facebook Debugger page. You must first be logged into your Facebook account.

The tool will scrape the webpage for the open graph tags that are used to decide what information should be displayed. Should Facebook be displaying old graphic images from Read the rest of this entry

blog check list

Having a blog check list is important. Asking these questions can save you from many mistakes.

I know that after all that effort you put into writing your most recent post, all you want to do is publish that rascal and go relax. Yet if you spend just a few minutes with a blog checklist, it can give you big rewards. Here are just a few things to check.

Did You Proofread And Read For Clarity After Writing Your Post?

I know that it seems like common sense to read over your blog post and be sure everything is spelled correctly, but I can assure you that many bloggers skip this step. The result is writing that is filled with simple errors.

The mistakes I see most often are with writers who mix up:
– your and you’re
– their, they’re and there

A very frequent mistake is committed by the writer who writes “of” instead of using the Read the rest of this entry

Page Rank Status Extension

Shows Google PageRank and AlexaRank of current web page, quick access to Geo IP Location, Whois, Alexa, backlinks and indexed pages

You can get exceptional help from a Google Chrome Extension named Page Rank Status. It’s just one more reason why I like to use Google Chrome as my internet browser.

Proposing that you utilize a Google Chrome browser is one of the best internet marketing tips that I could ever offer. You could greatly benefit from several of the Google Chrome browser extensions.

But the one I want to show you today does a ton of research for you, and serves it up quickly and easily.


Identify Incoming Links And Their Page Rank Status

I first set out using Page Rank Status when I really needed to look at people who were linking back to my website blogs by means of a WordPress plug-in that put “related articles” links on my blog post pages. I needed to check them Read the rest of this entry

Content distribution can bring many new visitors to your website. Each piece of content  can have links back to your money site.

Content distribution can bring many new visitors to your website. Each piece of content can have links back to your money site.

As an internet marketer you are creating articles, blog posts, and videos so your audience will come to know, like and trust you. It only makes sense to be sure that more people see your content. You learned in Attraction Marketing that people will buy from you or join you in your business, when they feel that they know, like and trust you. Maybe, in addition to bringing people to your website to view your content, you could also take your content out to the people.

Great SEO Isn’t Enough

Blogging is a great way to expose visitors to who you are and what you do. Your blog can be your “money site.” A money site is where you have monetized Read the rest of this entry

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