are a great MLM promotion tool. By giving someone the URL to your YouTube video, you have made it easy to find and view with just a click. To have more visual impact, you can create your link so that it will open and play the video full screen.

Usually you have two choices of links to share your video,

1.  the URL at the top of the YouTube page
2.  the shorter “share” link under the video that shows when you click on the Share button.

Youtube Video Play Full-screen

With either of those links, your viewer will see the entire page for that video, which will include the images and links to videos from other people as well.
Youtube Video tips
At times, you may not want that distraction.

Here is what to do so your viewers will see your video fullscreen instead.

First, copy the complete URL and paste it into a text document so you can make some changes to it. The address will look like this:


1. Trim off the ambersand, ( & ) and everything after it. (Highlighted in red above)
2. Delete the word “watch” and the question mark
3. Change the equal sign into a forward slash

What remains will do the trick. Be sure you double check that the link works. It is easy to make a tiny mistake. Here is what the link would look like after each step.

Now you can share that link in emails or in social media posts and the viewers who use it will see your video full screen.  Try it and see!

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